What DOES Google want to see in terms of SEO ranking?

Good quality content: 

This goes way back to websites 101... "Content is Key." This is one thing that has never changed. Providing high quality content is still one of the best ways to influence page rank. Strive for relevant links on other high ranking websites that are associated with your website’s subject matter. Unfortunately, getting links on high ranking websites can be very difficult to get. Guest posting on related authority websites can be helpful. Participate in Google + and YouTube. This one is a no-brainer. Both are owned by Google which stands to reason as to why they would influence your ranking.



Getting social:

Participation in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. The more social your web presence is, the more visible and rank worthy it will be

We are here to help:

Whether you want someone to manage your social media, websites and SEO's or you would like to learn how to manage them yourself we are here to teach you how! 

SEO Management

This client came to us with issues regarding his Bed and Breakfast, he had not had a booking in 2 months and his website was not user friendly and guests were unable to book through it. 

We were able to create a new website which allowed us to create a book now page which guests can book directly through him. Within the first week of his new website being operational he receive his first 4 bookings in almost 3 months. 

We concentrated on Search Engine Optimization which also maximized his google ranking and search engine visibility. 

Is your website maximized to it's full potential? 


SEO For Beginners

Everyone starts somewhere and this is the perfect video for beginners to maximize your google ranking within 50 days. I recommend watching and implementing these strategies in any website. It teaches you the values of thorougher content and using key words throughout that content which boosts your ranking. 

This video will also show you how to use Google Consule. This program shows you various analytics from your website so you can track your performance within clicks and impressions. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comment section below! 

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