This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services. Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.

One of the major components of a brand is a logo because, as the “face” of a business, it’s what people instantly recognize. A professional logo design is simple enough to be memorable, but powerful enough to give the desired impression of your company.

Why is branding important? 

We then used the business’s new logo on business cards, vehicle signage and staff T-shirts to give the business the professional image it deserved. Passersby and others who encounter the logo can now easily identify the business as a trusted fencing business which specialises in creative carpentry. 

Branding can also help a business get word-of-mouth referrals. After all, would a client be able to tell a friend about Friske Fencing if they couldn’t remember the brand of the carpenter?


The most profitable companies, small and large, have a single thing in common. They have established themselves as a leader in their particular industry by building a strong brand, starting with a strong logo.

Let us create your "face of a business" today! By creating a logo we are starting the basic steps to branding your company to maximise your potential target market. 

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